9,000 Sq Ft  |  10 Weeks Duration  |  Retail/Technology Sector  |  Ireland

Fonua a solutions provider to the mobile telecommunications and consumer electronics industries needed an office environment that harnessed their company values; Creativity & Imagination, Passion, Energy and Ambition, Excellence, Relationship Management, Leadership, Hire & retain the best, Fun place to work.

Using recessed strip lighting and timber battens to direct the eye through the space we kept the office as open and transparent as possible. The palette was primarily monochromatic with cherry veneers to inject warmth and various shades of green to set the tone of each area from zingy bright shades for quick meet zones to calming greens for break out spaces and soft seating areas.

Hi-gloss sprayed and baked bespoke angular panels formed impactful low-level partitions to separate zones whilst keeping communication lines open. A real-time dashboard display wall greets staff and clients immediately on entering each floor placing technology and innovation and the forefront of their operations and allowing teams to stay up to date with the companies objectives and performance.

Display Showroom

A final requirement was for a marketing suite that operated as a best in class showroom for their retail sector clients. We placed an innovation bar at the centre of this with colour changing lighting that could be tailored to a clients brand colours. Alongside this ran an informal coffee & chat lounge with continuous seating that snaked its way around the innovation bar into the display zone. We then designed large floor to ceiling display walls that could be rotated open or closed to access products on both sides. Four interface pods then ran down the centre of the space providing customers with the opportunity to connect with products and solutions and showcase latest developments.

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