What We Do:

Office Interior Design

Office interior design sometimes referred to as workplace design is where S-L-M-D built its name. We consider ourselves experts in the field, delivering top-tier design solutions and tailored environments to some of the world’s leading businesses.

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Retail & Hospitality Interior Design

Our designers provide interior concepts and communications that are tailored to attract and retain consumers whilst strengthening customer relationships and brand loyalty.

Landlord Works

We help Landlords update and refresh existing stock providing relevant schemes to attract targeted client profiles that aid fast and efficient uptake of space. We also produce marketing visuals and drawings of finished floor plates of CAT B fitouts to help your tenant profile envisage how the space can be modified and also identify dilapidation scope at the earliest stage.

Exhibition Stand Design

The culmination of our unique skill set; creative intelligence, brand awareness, visual communication, interior architecture, technical detailing, digital integration and social/cultural reasoning.

Environmental Graphic Design

Our brand and communications designers are uniquely engaged in every step of the design process. They are required to understand the complexities of the build environment and the nuances of interior spaces to deliver groundbreaking visual communications and graphic installations that aid building users in navigation, wayfinding and wellness.

Fit-Out Management

Our service is best appreciated when we see our projects through to occupation and beyond. The integrity of a design strategy must be upheld to wield successful results. Cost implications at the construction stage are inevitable but should only be addressed with a deep understanding of the earliest processes. When we project manage a fit-out we do so with design hats on. We make fast, efficient decisions that control budget spikes and maintain design intent and quality of final product.